Dice and Diversions

Are you passionate about tabletop gaming? Join the enthusiastic team at Dice & Diversions Convention and play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of our event. As a volunteer, you’ll contribute to creating an amazing experience for all attendees. Here are the various roles we need assistance with:

1. Registration and Admission:

Be the friendly face that welcomes attendees to the convention. Assist with registration, check-in, and providing event information to ensure a seamless entry process.

2. Setup and Tear Down of Convention Areas:

Help us transform the convention space into a vibrant gaming haven. Assist with setting up tables, chairs, signage, and other equipment before the event begins. After the convention, assist with packing up and returning the venue to its original state.

3. Greeters:

Spread positive energy and assist attendees by answering questions and providing directions in various areas of the convention. Help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all participants.

4. Library:

Manage our extensive game library, ensuring smooth check-out and return processes. Assist attendees in finding their desired games, maintaining an organized inventory, and providing recommendations when needed.

5. Floaters:

Be a versatile volunteer who can lend a helping hand in various areas as needed. Whether it’s providing relief to other volunteers, assisting with unexpected tasks, or supporting specific areas of the convention, your flexibility will be greatly appreciated.

Volunteering for a minimum of 8 hours will be rewarded with a compensated weekend pass, allowing you to fully enjoy the convention. 12 hours will also earn you a D+D shirt. (You can also combine these hours with Game Master) To join our dedicated team of volunteers, please complete the form below and sign up for our volunteer list. We appreciate your commitment to making Dice & Diversions Convention a memorable experience for all tabletop gaming enthusiasts.